Meeting Cassandra in my dreams

beautiful-beauty-blue-eyes-289241So expectantly this woman reached me in my dreams and then I tried to dismiss her story, it bled in my daily life. Cassandra and Logan made me laugh and blush, and then cry and root for their love. After torturous two years, I finally decided to let them show me their story. I am their voice like magic wand bringing them to life. Obviously, this story is teaching me of who I am instead other way around.
So much pain, fear and betrayal and yet, so much love, courage, and loyalty this woman encounters while trying to deal with her trauma. Together with her, I have cried washing my keyboard with my salty tears as she touched my heartstrings. She is  brave woman who learned to embraced her past and deal with her worst fears.

Cassandra also made me embrace my inner writer that lived with me since I was a kid. I never knew, why I am escaping into my own created worlds, seeking and searching for something. But, I do now!

It’s time to embrace the power of writing.




Recently, I found passion in writing and will soon release my first book Tangled IN YOU. I love listening to music, reading, and dreaming. Soon I will bring my very first novel to your bookshelves. Stay tuned in!

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