blur-book-breakfast-433117After moved to live in London I was just 23 with my firstborn son and husband. I have discovered the healing power of books by accident. Since I have suffered from postnatal depression and anxiety that has been my companion for quite a few years. I felt down and struggled to appreciate new family. I felt worthless as a mother and life partner. Grappling to find there do I fit in and what is my purpose, I have desperately looked for something that would pick up my spirit and let me appreciate the gift of motherhood and a wonderful spouse.

I’ve always felt something was amiss and that I was incomplete.  My heart was so lost, without aspirations, hungry for something.

Not knowing why, the movie Twilight enticed my sleeping beast to this thrilling excitement, I was determined to know how the story progressed. On the way back from work, I’ve walked into the shop, and bought the book. I was captivated by the feeling it awakened in me. And since that first book, I haven’t stopped reading.

My inner beast finally woke up and demanded to let him feel these exhilarating heights that electrified every single particle in my body. My soul started to sing, my depression lost its grip and anxieties subdued.

First 300 books I owned I re-read several times before the new ones joined my shelves.

Reading have transformed my worldviews and beliefs, opened my mind and reformed my character, fed the beast that I’ve never known existed. I found strength, passion and drive that I have lacked my entire life. I realized, writers has the power to change anybody’s life for the better. I was fascinated with the power of those stories. The smell of paper made my heart palpitate like a happy bird who is about to have a sip of the fantastic world hidden in the pages.

 My world stopped being bleak and purposeless, instead, it has become colourful, with texture and layers. I have read relentlessly, and before long my dreams have changed. Consequently, I’ve realized that I want to have that kind of impact on people as writers’ do.

Overwhelmed with  my fears and doubts, I put myself down before even tried to see if I can do it. But, luckily, I decided to try. The relief I felt typing first page of her story was so profound. Washing the keyboard with emotional ocean unleashed, I knew that this is my cause. Writing is something my souls have been yearning for.

My first book is about the woman who lost her children in a car accident and struggling to deal with grief and the gift of life. I don’t know why have I started to write about her, but I definitely recognize that she is part of my soul.



Recently, I found passion in writing and will soon release my first book Tangled IN YOU. I love listening to music, reading, and dreaming. Soon I will bring my very first novel to your bookshelves. Stay tuned in!

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