I weep next to the waterfall of sorrow


Dear readers,
When Sandra came into my dreams, I was overwhelmed with her sorrow. But when I reached for notebook to write her story, I realized she is bound, struggling to remember, living a lie, lost in the mental maze. It took us a while to find the way back to light.
Honestly, I am nervous to reveal this tragic story but it is too precious to keep it in the dark. I am afraid for it to end. I still want to linger in sweet, hopeful beginnings where they are happy.
Nevertheless, neither Sandra nor Cassandra is giving me peace. No, they demand this story be inked into the pages of the book, etched into your souls. This treasured life lesson must become someone else’s prized possession.
The fear and agony pulling them into the abyss consuming their lives, and slowly killing them. I will lead you through the path of lies and the road of truths of two women who are lost and struggle to find their purpose.
Be careful walking next to the river of sorrows, it might lead you to the waterfall of forgiveness. This particular waterfall is a dangerous beauty, full of undercurrents guiding into the darkest part of their soul. Absolution can’t be given without facing the past. They must face their demons and forgive, reunite and own their mistakes.
Don’t be afraid to weep with them, filling the void with tears, washing away their pain. Because my tears even now stream down my cheeks and body shake with emotions. I wish to cradle them as a baby  whispering sweet words to never leave me.
Safely nestled in my soul, Cassandra now waiting to be found again. Perhaps someone will learn from their rough reunion that transitioned them from one life to another. 




Recently, I found passion in writing and will soon release my first book Tangled IN YOU. I love listening to music, reading, and dreaming. Soon I will bring my very first novel to your bookshelves. Stay tuned in!

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