How to train our brain

How to avoid anxiety 

Managing anxieties and stress has become essential after I gave birth twelve years ago. I learned quite a few tricks from the trial of my many mistakes I made. My purpose, even back when, was to manage anxieties and finally appreciate the life and motherhood.

But lately, especially writing IN YOU series, I was looking for a more scientific explanation, I wanted to know if there is a method to cope with stress. I truly believe, what I found might actually help you to cope and give you a new perspective.
Having anxious feelings, like many other forms of stress, is very common nowadays. Our brains have evolved to detect and avoid threats. The mechanism is known as the “fight or flight response” kicks in to help us, it just doesn’t work to benefit us sometimes.

The reasons why constant anxiety poses a threat to both mental and physical health is:

(1) some people cannot separate “normal anxiety” from actual danger,
(2) repeated exposure modifies brain chemistry; thus changing thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and emotions.

The exact root of anxiety disorders remains unknown, there are a few theories on why some people struggle with it. These are the factors: environment, genetics, and alteration of neurochemistry are all potential “triggers” of anxiety.

How to train our brain?

1. Become Aware
The AWARE technique is another method of “interrupting” anxious thoughts before they take hold.

A – Acceptance: Accept what’s happening and to “go with it.” Attempting to counteract, fight with, or surrender to anxiety only heightens its effects.
W – Watch: To “watch” anxiety in action is to remain an observer. Observe the anxiety without judgment. Remember that anxiety, and you are two different things.
A – Act: Act as you usually would and carry on with your task in front of you. Also, be aware of your breathing.
R – Repeat: Repeat “A-W-A” until the anxiety either dissipates or becomes entirely manageable.
E – Expect: Expect the best outcome. Know that anxiety provokes fear. Repeat this technique and pay attention and focus on your positive attitude.

2. Establish a routine
People struggling with anxiety feel out of control.
In reality, many with anxiety (e.g., OCD patients) try to control every facet of their lives; when their plans fail, anxiety often comes back with a vengeance.
A rather simple way to overcome this issue is to establish a routine. Set a plan and apply some self-discipline to stick with it.
Arrange a schedule for work, family, activities, and interests. Sleep is essential as ‘wake’ hours activities.

3. Get plenty of relaxation time
Trying to relax while experiencing anxiety is often difficult. Take advantage of a stable state of mind that could cause countermeasure anxiety.
Get away from stressful distractions, even if it’s just for 20 min/day. Attentive breathing techniques, yoga, meditation is an excellent way to spend this time to counteract stress.
You are not your anxiety. Second, know what triggers anxiety and try your best to moderate those conditions. There are numerous methods to promote, help to interrupt the cycle by changing your behavior.

4. Exercise
The simple reason is that workout, more than any other supplement, or medication produces numerous health benefits. Accordingly, to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), aerobic exercise can decrease levels of stress, stabilize moods and improve sleep also increase confidence. You need only 5 minutes to exercise to feel positive effects.



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