COVER REVEAL – Entwined IN YOU (Book#2, IN YOU) by Cassandra Night

★★ ★★ COVER REVEAL ★★★★

💞.✶.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✶.💞.✶.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✶. 💞
.•°*•❃* ░E░N░T░W░I░N░E░D ░*❃•*°•.
*❃•*°•. ❁░I░N░░░░Y░O░U░ *❃•*°•. ❁
*❃•*°❁°░B░O░O░K░ ░T░W░O░*❃•*°❁°

✶💞 Entwined IN YOU (Book#2, IN YOU) by Cassandra Night 💞✶

Release day: November 21st
Cover design by Vixen Designs

.•°°•. ♥️✫.•°*°•.✫ ♥️✫.•°*°•.✫.•° ♥️°•.
.•°°•. ♥️✫.•°*°•.✫ ♥️✫.•°*°•.✫.•° ♥️°•.



How do you begin to mend what is broken, if the fear keeps you imprisoned in your own gilded cage?

You wrench your soul wide open, hoping the people you love will soothe your wounds and ease the pain. The problem is, I’ve learned to live with the walls firmly in place, protecting me from the truth.

Hard choices must be made for the sake of the ones I love. The man who stole my heart deserves a woman who owns her scars. I refuse to live in fear, with never-ending agony taking over my life.

 Her loss is like a siren song, calling me into the abyss.

I won’t allow her to drown me, to unmake me.

There is only one thing left to do. Let her grief burst from the seams of my soul, and hope the gale of sorrow won’t break me apart.

The past is about to collide with the future, and the battle lines have been drawn. Hearts may break, and lives will change. I will reclaim my life, even if it kills me in the process.

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I love listening to music, reading, and daydreaming. I write gripping, emotional Romantic Suspense books with lots of family drama and with realistic characters fighting their inner demons. If you love emotions pouring off the pages, you should pick up my books and embark on the journey!

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