600 member appreciation contest!

#CassandraNight #appreciationcontest

Snatch a prize

I have an amazing G*veaway at my facebook group for the members.

Hyperlink to the g*ve@way: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mazeoftangledhearts/permalink/437122353797948/

Join us if you want to be part of an awesome tribe that loves to play and rave: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mazeoftangledhearts/ 

💰How to enter to win? ⤵️ everything is explained on the pinned post.

Thank you, for being such an amazing, loving and sweet, and inspiring souls.

I truly appreciate every single one of you. It was incredible to know that my vibe attacks my tribe, and what awesome tribe it is 💗 🥰😍
I hope you will continue being an active part of this community, spreading cheer and good mood all year around!

Love, Cassandra.

Published by cassandranight

I love listening to music, reading, and daydreaming. I write gripping, emotional Romantic Suspense books with lots of family drama and with realistic characters fighting their inner demons. If you love emotions pouring off the pages, you should pick up my books and embark on the journey!

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