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Tangled IN LIES by Cassandra Night✶
— COMING SOON – January 13th, 2020❗️

Finally, the dates have been set and TIL will go live January 13th next year! Don’t miss your chance to read the book before everyone else does.

Cover reveal: December 13th

Book Tour: January 13th-25th, 2020

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• ✔️Billionaire romance, ✔️Boss/Assistant
• ✔️Steamy, ✔️Edgy, Angst-filled ✔️Danger

Tangked in lies banner coming soon


Life is too short to waste in a never-ending theater of artificial masks and balls.

If Cassandra can’t be forgiven when she’s choosing to walk away from the family who’s trying to punish her for their pain.

When Cassandra is invited to work at Fading Ink, she grasps a chance with both hands and soars in her high heels and bright red hair to meet two very successful publishing house partners. After all, young mother learned from her mistakes and is ready to start anew.

Mark Lawson is a very wealthy man with tortured past, full of scars and wounds. He learned monsters live in the limelight, not in the shadows. When Cassandra enters his world, he doesn’t expect that in a blink of an eye, his curiosity will turn into an obsession, and obsession into fierce love.

The problem is, his past is catching up and trying to hurt the only person, who soothes his battered soul and fills him with love.

Sparks will fly, and hearts will collide bringing them both together, but the clouds of malice are about to erupt and tear them apart forever.

Bad things happen to those who dare to love me

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Thank you so much,
Cassandra Night

Published by cassandranight

I love listening to music, reading, and daydreaming. I write gripping, emotional Romantic Suspense books with lots of family drama and with realistic characters fighting their inner demons. If you love emotions pouring off the pages, you should pick up my books and embark on the journey!

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